Innotab is a popular touchscreen learning tablet for children from VTech, a renowned electronic toys manufacturer. Often referred to as “iPad for kids”, Innotab is targeted at children aged 4 to 9 and comes preloaded with a variety of fun apps, educational games, e-books, organiser, art studio, MP3 and video players. Costing only $80, Innotab is pretty durable, sleek and touch enough for kids. Plus, it provides a lot of opportunities to educate and entertain children. 


As Innotab has a built-in video player, it’s possible to stream videos and DVDs on it. Since the only accepted video format is AVI, you can’t do with video reencoding. Freemake Video Converter does a superb job of preparing desktop and web videos for Innotab playback. Follow the steps below to convert videos for your Innotab.

Step 1. Launch the software

Visit the Video Converter page and download the software. Run the installer and start Freemake Video Converter. 

Step 2. Add videos

You may add as many videos at once as you you wish. The source may be diffrent: PC files, DVD movies or cartoons, YouTube, Facebook or other web videos. Just hit the proper button: “+Video” for video files, “+DVD” for DVDs (choose VIDEO_TS folder), and “+URL” for online video links.

convert video for Innotab

Step 3. Create a custom perest for Innotab

Find “to AVI” button on the formats bar and click it. In the parameters window hit “+” button to add a new preset.

convert video for Innotab

Choose an icon for your perset and name it “Innotab”. Set the following video parameters:

Frame size: Custom
Width: 480
Height: 272
Adjustment: Original
Video codec: XVID
Frame rate: 29.97 fps
Bitrate: Auto
Audio codec: PCM
Channels: Mono
Sample rate: 22050 Hz
Sample size: 16 bit


Once you entered all these parameters, click “Ok” to choose and save the preset. 

Step 4. Convert videos for Innotab

Hit “Convert” button and wait a bit.

convert video for Innotab

Then transfer the resulted videos to your Innotab.

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